Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And there's more!

Road trip today for me and the beebs, back to noosa in a freakin' barina - which is FINE cuz we've already driven all over everywhere in it this past few whenevers.

Now let me tell you why this trip, my god.

We're in Rockhampton now but started out almost three weeks ago in noosa, where we planned a short trip to clear out my mum's house and a quicker one to see my nan a week, ten days, tops.

After months of The Numb, grieving (thankfully) started around about day 2, because it was hard and going through her stuff was like meeting another person.

We'd just finished up and her entire life was in a few boxes in the garage when we got the phone call that stopped the grief and called for action again.

My uncle, mum's brother, had died. He fell off his boat and just. died. No known cause. No signs of cardiac arrest, stroke, heart disease, nothing. His wife, my aunt, was there as were a bunch of their closest friends, and it is the most awful story of trying to revive him at the scene then in hospital.

So we went to rocky.

My other uncle, mum's youngest brother who's only five years older than me, lives here, and because nanna lived here too and was in hospital and expected to pass away eventually soonish, he needed us like, NOW. Losing mum had broken her heart and I believe that, on some level, she knew Wayne had died too. Nanna died the day before we left for His service in Sydney.

We came back again for nan. She's being quietly cremated today and, in time, will be brought back home to scatter her ashes where pop's were.

We planned on being here for her, and ended up being here because Mike had lost his entire family within two months, and while i lost my mother, my uncle, and my nanna, he's lost everyone and - wait for it - he lost his partner two years ago too so now he's all alone.

(and yay for inadequate punctuation)

This kind of stuff wouldn't be written into a movie script because the audience would be all "no way, this is too unbelievable" because IT IS.

And how are you? Really, Tell me, ok, cuz I feel like I'm on a different planet. possibly a crazy death planet, gah. Love you all, even though I ignore you like I don't xxxx

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