Sunday, December 26, 2010

have a cool yule, y'all xx

Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ •。★Christmas★ 。* 。*
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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

gift ideas for the single parent

I'm a single mum (you all; "No, REALLY?") and our extended family situation can be summarised in four words: We Have A Cat.

So I get to pay for a lot of things.

Now, I might sound like an unappreciative prat here, but don't send someone like me flowers. They look pretty so will loosely add to the quality of my eyeballs' life experience for maybe a week, but the downside is you'll make my Bank Account Gland cry, and that Hippie part of me that eveyone else BUT me knows exists will feel SO BAD because you KILLED them, for ME, so I am personally responsible for the pretty flowers' demise and that will make me come back in the next life as a cockroach or a rock, so quit sending me flowers, you heartless bastards!

Someone like me really appreciates the gift of Not Worrying So Much, and to be frank, this gift comes in the form of You Paying For Shit.

Like electricity.

No kidding, nothing says Merry Christmas like the price of those flowers being redirected to my utilities.

It might not be Glamorous or Luxurious or even, Not Crass, for you to dump some cash in my child's education costs either, but that, unlike the damn flowers, has longevity. It's literally a gift that keeps on giving because his Education=HIS FUTURE.

Dude is already under the hammer because he's socioeconomically handicapped, so helping him rise above what the statisitics predict his future will be is a REALLY REALLY GOOD THING.

And in a single parent family, ten bucks is a big help, so don't think I'm asking for thousands here. I'm actually asking for UNDERSTANDING, not stuff.

Because you know what makes me Not Worry So Much even more than You Paying For Shit? Feeling like we're not alone in our march toward the future, and knowing that you care about us and want us to have what we need (Less Worry) more than you want us to have what you want us to have this holiday season makes me feel more loved than any stuff ever would.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

art show

Daniel's preschool artshow was last night. The kids had all been given a canvas that was apparently created from crushed diamonds or maybe butterfly wings because we had to pay $45 to take our artwork home. That included three! bonus! 6x4 photos of our spawn, posed in the playground and wearing the school t-shirt, that would have cost 36 cents to print at Harvey Norman's - and ASIDE ALERT; I give these people MY ORGANS each week, you think they'd a) drop the effing price of an effing canvas to what it ACTUALLY cost, or b) foot the effing bill and make it an effing gift because, MY ORGANS. EVERY WEEK, accompanied by GIGANTIC WADS OF CASH, so pardonez moi for not clutching my fists under my chin and exclaiming "Oh, how wonderful! A TRAIN!" when we've got a thousand billion trillion FREE trains at home already.

I'm looking at this latest train right now (market value; my pancreas) and I love it because it was painted by Daniel, and I happen to like HIM rather a lot, but I also know THIS piece was a swooshswishswoop with the paintbrush project because I am SURROUNDED by his Yay For Creativity! artwork here (this place is like the goddamn Louvre, but in crayon) and this one is much like any of the other ones I've asked him to paint, draw, or whatever "For so and so because they'd LOVE a picture from YOU", and THOSE ones are whipped out in lightening speed because his heart was reluctant and his eye was on something he'd rather be doing, ie ANYTHING BUT THIS.

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