Saturday, November 28, 2009

hey guess what?

No news.

Which is probably kind of significant news.

I haven't done another pregnancy test because the stores were all closed last night by the time we left MacDonalds because we were both having a great time, and I was all "OF COURSE the after hours supermarket will have them", but OF COURSE they didn't, and neither did any of the other convenience stores we went TO either. By the time I got to asking to teenage BOYS if their store had them, I was obviously desperate. Daniel was asleep in the car and I'd been driving an hour. One boy said "YES! We do!", and I said "Yay!", and then the boy said "Wait, I THOUGHT we had them...". Then the other teenage boy said "The petrol station near where I live has them...." and I said "WHERE?" and he lived on OTHER side of town which, helpful, but not, you know?

Then I worked this morning from 8.30, and I've only just got home now: hungry, tired, and with no desire to prolong the Not Eating, Not Not Sitting On My Ass sitch by driving to a pharmacy and delaying myself food and rest even longer by taking three minutes out to pee.


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