Tuesday, November 24, 2009

in short

My period is due tomorrow and it'll probably come tomorrow NIGHT because that's how my uterus rolls, and because I've got an MRI* scheduled for tomorrow morning, I blew ten bucks on a pregnancy test so I can pee on it in the morning and then chuff merrily off to the hospital with no qualms about what if I'm pregnant bla bla bla, which of course, I am NOT. But what if, etc, hence the ten bucks, blown.

Yes I did another cycle this month. I do them every month and then not report on it here because how many times can you slam face first into the goal post instead of tossing the ball through it each without feeling like an idiot? Answer: about as many times as I reported here, minus one.

*I'll explain later.

(you: Schyeah, like we haven't heard THAT before)

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