Friday, November 27, 2009


I had a blood test on Wednesday and I didn't call for the results and I didn't say anything about it to anyone because you all would be "GET THE DAMN RESULTS ALREADY".

But today I'm feeling restless and crazy and, while I'm not cramping, there's this round ball of cramp-ish (or pressure or I don't know) in mah belleh that it feels really weird so I called for the damn results.

First phone call: the phone wouldn't connect.

Second phone call: the call went to their It's The Weekend, Loser message, when it clearly is NOT.

Third phone call: Connected. Score, talk talk talk, and then the nurse trotted off to find my notes to give me the results and....they're not there. They must be in my doctor's LOCKED rooom and he isn't due in all day. Perfect.

So I went through the Facts As I See Them with her:

My LH on the seventh and the ninth of this month was in the forties, which means it probvably surged on the eighth. Ovulation occurs 24 to 36 hours later so THAT happened on Monday or Tuesday, the ninth or tenth of November. My day 21 bloods were taken on the seventheeth (progesterone of 56, wootwoot, as it's proof I DID ovulate) and my period was due on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Mary was all "Relax! Go for a walk! Bunnies! Kittens!", and I was all "Okay, good idea!", because I am a LIAR.

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