Wednesday, November 25, 2009

you bet your ass I enhanced it

I peed at when I got home last night slash this morning at 3.40am. Then I peed again at 7.05 and took the pregnancy test. Work that out, okay? (hint: higher concentrations of hcG would be in an I Didn't Pee All Night pee)

And I got this.

Exhibit A:

And I was all *yawn*.


Then I looked again and then I blinked and then I took a photo and then I jiggled the contrast and brightness and then I took THAT image to the internet. Behold. Also, click, make bigger, look closely.

Exhibit B:

I can effin' SEE that second line with my naked eye. Granted, it's lightlightLIGHT, but I can see where a line WOULD be, and what if No Second Line really means No Second Line AT ALL.

Conclusion: I'm not pregnant but man, it's fun to play the What If Game.

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