Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's really hot

We like the beach oh I'm sorry should I say LOVE the beach? So we go A LOT. It takes a fucking AGE to sunblock us both though, so I'd like someone to invent a Sun Block Booth that does the job in a snap.

We've both got wicked awesome olive skin. At first, I thought I was buying defective lotions and creams because everyone else and their kids were still lily white, and we were both SO BROWN. Then we went to the beach with some friends, used the same stuff, and she and her kid remained Casper-like, and my son and I ended up looking like we'd been basted in olive oil and baked for a half hour at 180 degrees.

I grew up BAKING in the sun because I rarely burn and a tan was considered HEALTHY back thens. Berry brown kids were HEALTHIER kid. We all had tan lines like that old Coppertone add. The Tan = Healthy delusion lasted for about one (OUR) generation though, and now my arms look like an aging farmer's. I found a spot the other day and began planning who Daniel was going to live with after my early demise. I ended up CRYING because it's dark and uneven - it has effing LEGS, for god's sake - and it appeared and grew QUICKLY and it has this halo of paler skin around it which HAD to be bad, and holy fucking shit, melanoma?? So I panicked until I saw my doctor, and tearfully presented my death sentence for his perusal and he declared it a freckle. A freckle that will probably disappear, because the Halo Of Not Death around it means my body (GO BODY!) has recognised the cells as being all Meh, and is cleaning them up.

We're in the middle of our first heatwave for the season, and for some reason, I think I LOVE heatwaves, even though I don't like them at all. I think they remind me of being a kid though. I think that's why I think I like them.

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