Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm not paid to do this, obvs

I've bought my last several thousand billion pairs of running shoes from running warehouse. Yes I opt to have my shoes travel halfway around the world, and agree to paying upwards of USD30 postage because the prices there, compared to prices HERE, are incomparable. Before I checked out the internets, after I'd ordered a pair of Brooks Glycerin (which, if you're askin', YOU NEED THESE) from The Athletes Foot, at a cost of around AUD275, it took fucking THREE weeks for them to get back to me and say they were STILL waiting on the order, next week, bla BLA. (aside is, if you have a "neutral" foot, you're fucked, especially in smaller stores, though WHY Westfield has a SMALL Athletes Foot is beyond my realm of understanding because Westfield = The Largest Shopping Centre in the Southern Hemisphere. Or some shit. ANYWAY, you're fucked because stores are chock full of "stability" shoes for all you pronaters out there, and us neutral kids can go suck it, apparently) Three weeks later, still no shoes, so I went online (hooray!) and did a search and my god, the prices were, like, HALF what we pay, MINIMUM. So I ordered from running warehouse because they actually got back to me with an actual real figure for postage to here, and I didn't need to do all sorts of bullshit like email copies of my passport or drivers license which, HUH? I used PayPal and, including postage, my new shoes cost LESS THAN HALF of what I would have paid here - and they arrived within days! and (haHA) the day they arrived, the Athletes Foot staffer called me and said "your shoes are here!". No shit they are, they're right here! In my hand, loser.

And I keep going back to running warehouse for each new pair I buy because, I look around each time, but RW CONSISTENTLY have the best price/customer service/shoes.

So anyway, bla bla bla. You're getting to read all this shit because I LOVE buying running shoes and I LOVE sale prices and they're having THIS sale and shoes are CRAZY cheap - and if you have a family or a running group or just a bunch of people who vaguely know each other, it just gets better.

If anyone cares (you all: NO NOT REALLY), I'm umming and ahhing over these Sauconys. Weep for me because they only have FULL PRICE Glycerins (which, ASIDE! even with postage included, are STILL cheaper than buying them here), probably because they're wicked good and people will pay. But the Triumphs look like they might be wicked good too, but I need to get my head around the whole NOT BROOKS?? thing first. Encourage me. Which you would maybe do if this entry wasn't SO BORING. I KNOW.

But go buy some shoes. Running shoes are like soul food for your feet.


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