Tuesday, June 30, 2009

clavicular damage

Daniel was knocked to the ground yesterday when he was run over by or ran into the path of a tricycle at daycare, proving that he is indeed a male of the species, and that he does in fact have the requisite tunnel vision that proves his testicles aren't just for show ie he really IS a male of the species.

So I ditched work and took him to the doctor at around 4.30 yesterday, and he poked and prodded and reckoned that, at most, his whatsamacallit on the end of his shoulder bit might be a little bruised. My brain was all BUT WHERE'S THE BRUISE? so the doctor gave me a request form to shut my brain up, but told it to wait until morning to do anything rash like having my son's pain adequately assessed. Which was his super nifty clever trick to shut me up because the kid would be FINE by then, the end.

But he wasn't, so I a) cursed the doctor, b) kicked myself for LISTENING to that bozo, c) took deebs off for an x ray anon, and shortly thereafter, said hello to Baby's First Fracture, and d) repeated points a) and b) prn.

Daniel's doing really well though. If you ask him, he'll say that yes, it hurts, but only if you ask him, and you'd never know unless you did, so I've been keeping up the six hourly iboprofen to help him with that. He looks all pathetic with his collar and cuff sling on, which would drive me NUTS, but he's even coping with THAT really well too. I had thought we'd need to swap the sling for duct tape if we wanted to keep his arm immobilised for the next four to six weeks, but he's a smart kid. He worked out pretty quick smart that his shoulder hurts less with his wrist held up, so hasn't fought it and listens when you remind him to leave it on mate, it feels better if you do.

And he does.

my little (fractured) champion

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