Monday, May 25, 2009


My LH surge (37 *yawn*) was on May 15, which was a Friday. Ovulation occurs 34-36 hours after the LH surge bla bla techincal talk BLA, so I ovulated sometime on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, depending on which side of the surge the blood test was taken.




Today's test was the (kind of around about) day 21 progesterone test. Blood levels on this day over 10nmol/L indicate ovulation has occured, and levels around about 100 nmol/L suggest you might be forgiven for clutching your hands under your chin and saying shit like "Oh, wouldn't it be lovely if dot dot dot?".

TWO MONTHS of that shit followed by nohting more exciting that a PERIOD means that when you hear THIS shit: "aibee? It's 91 nmol/L", you might be forgiven for slugging on your vodka, drawing back (heavily) on your Benson& Hedges, adding more water to the rocks in your kickass sauna, and dismissing the messenger with a VERY bored "meh".

Then again, wouldn't it be lovely if....?

(and wouldn't it be [questionably] HILARIOUS if dot dot dot question mark because I had actual real ess ee ex on Monday and it ended up being a case of, uh, sorry about that if youknowhatImeanandImsureyoudo no shit you'd think we were NEW at this the way THAT turned out end transmission)

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