Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day

I hope all that it applies to had/is having/will have a great day.

Mine was spent tending, first to the needs of my dumbass back which went *whammo* this morning, and then to the needs of my adorable smooshyface once that valium kicked in.

aside: I know my life is stressful. Not PERCEIVED as stressful, IS stressful, but it's clearly taxing my resources more than I realise to keep a lid on it all because I took a half of the half (what?) valium prescribed to me this morning at my emergency woe is me doctor's appointment, and it gave me MORE energy that I've had in ages. Half the day was spent cleaning and decluttering and moving furniture and whistling merrily away because The Carefree And Possibly Even Happy was IMPRESSIVE and my GOD, the motivation I had to DO stuff was IMPRESSIVE INTENTIONAL BOLD CAPSLOCK ITALIC too.

Then we went to the store soley and specifically to buy me some dark chocolate covered ginger because it's an addiciton and I totally need an intervention of THAT one, then we went to the park and Daniel rode his bike and played with a succession of park visiting children (and again, the minuscule drug hit paid off because I ran around with him and pushed the swing for EVER and didn't feel exhausted like I usually do and was an all round better mother and I'm gonna milk this muscle spasm for a LONG time seeings as the treatment outcome was a] I can feel it but also, what crippling pain? [which was kind of weird because I COULD feel it but didn't give a shit] and b] wheeeeee!) and dug in the sand and lost his mind each time a train went past, and then we went to MacDonald's (AGAIN)(not for the food, geesh. For the COFFEE [me] and the "coffee" *exaggerated wink* [him]) and he got to play with ANOTHER succession of children, and then we went to the store and then we came home and then we read a book together and now he's asleep and I'm looking forward to my second prescribed dose of valium and this time I'm taking the WHOLE half (wahoo!)(also, what?) so THAT should kick my ass in a MOST delicious way, happy mother's day to me, the end.

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