Monday, June 01, 2009

same shit, different month

So yes, what we thought were day 21 bloods came back at 91 bla bla whatevers for progesterone last week, except I started spotting not even five days later, which progressed to more spotting on Sunday, which progressed to less spotting today which is wildly exciting news that suggests my bloods couldn't have been day 21's, more like day 23's.

Lesson time: Day 21 is when your progesterone is highest, then it rapidly falls into obscurity, your endometrium sheds, periods are endured, and so on and so forth.

Point of which is, if my day 23 was still a whopping 91, my day 21 must have been in Whoa, Dude, territory.

the internet: wow, this is why we read your blog. It's educational and interesting. Also, it helps me sleep.


I called the unit this morning to cancel my beta for tomorrow morning, but Sue checked the dates for my LH surge and then she looked at the results for my progesterone level last week, carried the four, divided by nine, and came up with "hmm".

Crickets chirped, cogs turned.

And then she said "We can't rule out pregnancy", which is when I commenced banging my head against the wall because, god, seriously?

So, let's at least get some fun out of this repeat of the entire year's worth of periods, shall we?

Pregnant, or not? and give reasons, okay? Even if they're "Not, because you're OLD. GIVE UP, freak".

Except somehow I suspect a comment like that would read "because your old".


Keep in mind that I'm not going to a) hate your ass if you're mean to me because, yay, you READ my blog?! I fuckin' LOVE you, man, and b) go over all "but you SAID I was and I'm NOT and it's all YOUR fault for getting my hopes up, HATE, etc" if/when/whatever the results come back in as expected ie NOT, because I'm Don Quixote that way, and anyway, you READ my blog. I LOVE you, man. Yeah.


In other (thrilling) news, I'm listening to iTunes as we speak, and my fucking speakers just blew out their bass.

Right then, as a kind of blogpostfinaleantifinale.

(could be a sign, etc etc bla yadda)

Hey, you know what sounds like shit without bass? EVERYTHING.

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