Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Progesterone was 73 whatevers this month, which is good and still has my hopes, if not up, then at least, prepped, even if the entire year's worth of ridiculous high levels have resulted in a repeat order on feminine hygeine products (and remind me to tell you about THAT).

Anyway, I saw my specialist before this last cycle commenced - because NO SHIT I've done it all again - so FINALLY someone looked at the aggregate of the last few months' hormone levels and TOLD me so that finally *I* got to look at the BIG picture and not just the day 21 view of things.

My oestrogen has been crazy high too, which explains (in part, at least) why I've periodically felt like I'm losing my freakin' mind, and also suggests I've been ovulating at least two eggs each cycle.

THIS MONTH, it LOOKS like my oestrgen chilled the fuck out. Or it WOULD look like it if whoever took my bloods on the day that MATTERED, ordered an oestregon level as well. Which she did not. We've got the day BEFORE to compare with though, and THAT day IS lower than the same day god even I know I'm not making any sense.

POINT BEING. Possibly (much) lower oestrogen this month, same cuh-razy high progesterone = one egg released which, if things are going down the same way as the previous months, SHOULD mean a comparatively lower progesterone. Which it is not so, possible Yay! moment, right there.

Fingers crossed.

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