Friday, June 26, 2009

you can throw your alarm clock across the room but, etc

Daniel spent from Still Dark O Clock onwards kicking me in the neck, punching me in the kidneys, whining about wanting ice cream (which, seriously, wtf? He likes ice cream, but not THAT much), closing in on the 50mm of bed space he'd allowed me and pushing me closer to the edge (literally AND figuratively) and generally being a HUGE pain in the sleep deprived ass.

MY time from Still Dark O Clock onwards was spent escalating from patting him gently and softly saying things like "Shhh, there there etc. Go to sleep, darling sweet child of mine, it's not morning yet bla puppies, kittens, etc", to shoving him off me and onto a more respectable side of the bed, and hissing "Shut UP you little rodent for GOD'S sake, it's the middle of the frikkin' night GO TO SLEEP!"*.


Eventually I beat him into submission smothered him with a pillow hogtied him and crammed a sock in his noisehole got to sleep again, but only after AT LEAST an hour of this crap, and only because the little shit had exhausted a) himself and b) all available avenues of annoying.


THen the home phone rang at Almost But Not Quite Light O Clock and Daniel was all "IT'S YOUR PHONE IT'S YOUR PHONE IT'S YOUR PHONE" and I was all peeling myself off the ceiling

and that's how my day started.


How about yours?


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