Thursday, April 02, 2009

motion this

The lawyer (not THE lawyer) I engaged/hired/whatever one does with a lawyer last year impressed me during our first interview, which is why I whatevered him in the first place. Then at our second interview I was all "what the FUCK, dude? Who ARE you??".

He wanted to settle the case now for a paltry sum because "the insurance company is being difficult", which - correct me if I'm high here - IS THEIR JOB. They're HARDLY going to pay my bills because someone asked them to, and my understanding (but am possibly high!) is they're paid to make sure the company who pays them pays (what?) AS LITTLE as possible, and it's HIS job to navigate what should be, to him, a lawyer with twenty five years plus experience, a cakewalk.

IF we settled and IF Paltry Sum WAS accepted and paid out by the insurance company, it barely reimburses me NOW, much less reimburses me, pays my legal fees, AND provides enough pay any FUTURE bills.

If the insurance company DOESN'T accept the offer, though, then I'm screwed because where do you go from there? "Uh, can we have A More Paltry Sum instead then? Please?", which, if they didn't laugh at us and they DID accept THAT offer, the amount wouldn't even cover reimbursing my costs NOW, much less pay my legal fees.

Paltry Sum, by the way, was based on what my lawyer deduced from my doctor's report. The one that said fuck all because lawyerish DIDN'T tell me he was requesting it so I didn't even TALK my doctor to my doctor beforehand, so the report - from a general practitioner, mind - consisted of "I saw aibee in October and, uh, yeah. That's it.".

If Paltry Sum was based on a COMPLETE report, I'd be all over it because I don't even want a lawsuit. I just want my bills paid, but to get my bills paid I need to sue, and if I sue, INVARIABLY all the "pain and suffering" and "loss of income" and "loss of earning capacity" bullshit gets haggled over, when I just wantmy bills paid until this pain settles. Not "is gone", settles.

So I called my law firm and spoke to some big shit who deals with I don't even know what because I need a lawyer I don't need to audit, you know? One who, when they say "abc and d", I say "alrighty then!", and I am NOT getting THAT vibe from THIS guy. I'm getting the "but SHOULD I settle now? Or should HE wait til SOMEONE knows a little more of this injury's longevity? Or should I settle NOW? But what I need to keep up with the three times a week sessions for more than three months? But maybe I should SETTLE now, get it over with..?" vibe which I SHOULDN'T be getting from a guy who's meant to do all the worrying for me.

SO, big shit spoke to lawyerish and lawyerish spoke to me and dude BAILED on me so a) I need a new lawyer and b) I was RIGHT about homeboy all along. Not that I wanted to be because I'd rather have resolved things with him because I liked HIM, I just didn't like that he'd made his recommendations based on shit all.

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