Tuesday, March 17, 2009



A lot has happened since we last talked Reproductive Medicine!

A lot in my HEAD, anyway.

Losing that embryo was a GOOD thing. Not in that it felt like I lost a child, because that feeling ISN'T a good thing. It was good in that now it's over. It's done and dusted and I did my best and even got pregnant and THAT'S what I wanted, if not a child, then to know that I did what I could to HAVE a child.

I had my luck in that first IVF cycle, and with the old Lightening Doesn't Strike Twice rule of thumb, I doubt I could conceive again, especially now that I'm in Haggard Old Crone territory.

So no more IVF. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat if I was younger and my chances of conceiving were better than they are now, but we're talking single digit percentages here so all that fuss and heartache and money doesn't seem worth it.

Especially as the odds in regards to donor insemination are pretty much the same.

Simple, marginally cheaper, and none of that bullshit with embryos not making it to transfer or freezing, because all that stuff can be filed under Mega Suck too.

So that's what I'm doing tomorrow morning.

With a dashingly featured new donor who's an air traffic controller.

Oh I'm sorry, didn't you catch that? He's an AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER.

Which actually matters for shit to me.

I chose him because he's written a letter to any future child his, uh, "material" produces. He's absolutely open to interact with that child, and has no problem with exchanging photos and it's all that *gestures widely* that makes him prime beef.

Speaking of donors, it's Text Of The Week! time.

And this one's from Strep: "Sorry for not calling/texting/emailing for EVER. I've been busy at work and home".

No problemo, dickweed. I'll be sure to pass the message on to your son.

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