Sunday, March 29, 2009

this is why I don't make To Do lists

and probably why I should.

My new camera came with a hundred bucks' worth of printing, which is why I bought my new camera. It was effectively half price IF I printed up twenty five bucks worth of shit every three months from the date of purchase.

The first three months' voucher is due to expire in two (2!) days, and I've haven't sorted one freakin' image out of the whole mess of them created since the last time I printed anything up, which was six (SIX) months ago - and I'm not a deleter, so a) you can imagine how many photos there are to wade through, b) so it's good thing my kid is pretty because the succesful:suck ratio of the image contents isn't too horeendously weighted in sucks' favor, which means c) CAN you imagine how many pictures of my kid I need to look at not skim through??

A whole fucking lot, is what I'm saying.

Which explains why I'm here and not actually doing something printy.

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