Monday, March 02, 2009

how we are

I was just asked this.

It's still squick making to know someone was in here, and it's very annoying to be too scared to go outside AT ALL after dark. Even hanging clothes on the line out back skeeves me, and it's a pain in the ass to have developed bionic hearing because I hear EVERYTHING outside, right down to the fucking roaches (The Fucking Roaches, not The Roaches, Fucking, although I'm sure if they WERE hard at it, my Silar quality hearing has it nailed right now) scritching the concrete, so it's seriously annoying to listen to every. single. noise and feel every. single. momentary flash of OMG before sense kicks in and doofs me upside of the head and tells me to chill out.

But I'm fine, really, and Daniel has no idea so HE'S fine too.

At the end of the day, kiddies, after something like this, you've got to reclaim your own life. Time will give some of it back, but if you want it all back and fast, you've got to ACT like none of this matters, because in the end? It actually doesn't. None of this was personal, and it WASN'T that big of a deal.

Things got taken. No one was hurt.

This burglary wasn't about US. They weren't thinking "how can I best fuck with this family?", they were just thinking "how much can score is in this place?", so they didn't steal OUR things, they just took STUFF.

After my first burglary, it took me eight months and a pretty funky dream sequence to buy that clue, and when I did, literally overnight I stopped feeling so persecuted and began feeling like shit happened, move on.

So shit happened, I'm moving on - and thank you all for being the realest friends I can imagine (what?)

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