Saturday, March 21, 2009

the week in review

It involved blood tests on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday. Then there were the donor inseminations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, plus one ovulation yesterday, all of which were preceded by pre-warmed (so cosy!) speculums, and daily examinations of my cervical mucus.

Which was particularly prolific this month, thank you so much for asking.

That's all passed now (you: WE DIDN'T ASK), but my boobs are still rounded today, and my nipplages are STILL showing elevated Perky levels (you: GREAT TO KNOW! NOW SHUT UP) , AND I've been exceptional in the, uh, how can I put this delicately yet descriptively enough so you all know what the hell I'm talking about? GAGGING FOR IT arena.

Oh, I'm gagging for it at any given moment anyway, but this month? WHOA, so I'm hoping this cluster of SIGNIFICANTLY ramped up fertile signs mean I was significantly more fertile too.

Does anyone know? DO they? Those of you with more than one kid, I'm looking at you because, my lord The physical signs were SO distinct, and physical signs aside, I'm still fanning myself at (and impressed with!) the THOUGHTS and the URGES and I've got to DROP this subject because STILL WITH THE WHOA.

So DOES an increase in expressions of fertility suggest greater Knockupability?

Because if the amount of time I'm STILL devoting to thinking about sex is any reflection of said, WHY YES, I WAS. UPPERCASEDLY SO.

So it's all done and dusted and if I'm going to GET pregnant, I AM pregnant now.

One more blood test next Thursday to check my day 21 progesterone level, and instructions are in place to get excited if my period doesn't arrive by April the fifth.

So! How was YOUR week?

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