Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have insurance so in terms of monetary value, most items are replaceable. Insurance, though, will never replace nonna's earrings. Nonno gave them to me after she died, and no shit, she was probably wearing them when they fled Russia. They were THAT old, and THAT representative of a family I barely know.

There was also a pair of diamond earrings. Quite sizey, very lovely, and I'd had them since I was fifteen.

There were other pieces taken too, not much, and not an old collection of memory laden stuff because THAT was all taken back in 2001. Coming home after that burglary was trippy, if only for the emptied freezer and the not yet melted ice cream tipped onto the kitchen floor, so yes, much nicer this time around with no visible sign that the intruder had only JUST left.

This time, only a couple of simple gold rings went missing. There were, two, no, three pearl necklaces (AHEM): two freshwater and one seed pearl, The seed pearls were a twisted chocker and was a gift from an Italian Professor I met while there in 1993. That necklace always made me think of him, he was a lovely old man, and a real gentleman. We were on a bus tour of Spain and my father had recently died, so having this stately old man keep check on me for a week or so was very reassuring.

There were also two nose studs which, ick, you know? I mean, would YOU ever wear a secondhand nose stud? One WAS 18ct, though, with a one point diamond in it, so maybe it IS hockable? (aside, I'm such a delicate petal all I can wear in my nose is stainless fucking steel. SO CLASSY)

There were quite a few pairs of costume earrings, and several flashy costumey rings, because I like LOOKING at The Flash, but rarely ever wear anything other than the simple gold hoops I'm wearing now.

That's why a bracelet, two bangles, and diamond ring I used to wear (before The Delicate took over and gave me Ring Related Dermatitis [something to do with the nickel, I'm told]) got taken too. That had been made specifically for me, using the insurance payout from the last theft to make a single significant representative of all that had been taken. The worst loss in THAT break-in was the two religious icons I'd worn my entire life. Each one had been a gift from each grandparent in Italy, and I'd worn them so long the jump rings had thinned, so I'd taken them off so as not to lose them before I got them repaired. The diamond ring just gone then, was worth a lot, but STOOD for so much more than its own monetary value.

There was cash too, three hundred and thirty dollars, which was only in the house because of my birthday. The bastard(s) even took Daniel's piggy bank with - at last count on the first of the month - one hundred and seventeen two dollar coins in it.

And there's a pair of shoes missing. I don't even know which they are because I only know they're gone because of the blank space staring at me from the wardrobe, so no great emotional loss there as obviously I didn't love them, but still. MY SHOES?

Daniel's baby photos had been sorted through, not for documentation, I think, but as collateral damage while looking for looking for money or jewelry. But even if NOTHING had been taken AT ALL, having my CHILD'S documented life SEEN and TOUCHED and looked at by some asshole disgusts me more than I can ever explain. I'd rather have graphically pornographic shots of me leaked to the internet than have that fucker look at photos of a) my child and b) the first time my child and I MET.

I terms of Things Tossed Aside, I guess I was lucky though, as it appears the next stop on the wardrobe shelf was where the jewelry was, so there was no need to trash my house completely to get some score. That didn't stop them from rifling through the wardrobe at all though, and the the drawers were sifted through too, which ickickICK.

From there, it looks like the airquotes office space endairquotes was the next port of call, and then the living room and out of the door.

They were polite enough to close the front door, and even pulled the wooden door shut before ensuring the security door caught on the latch, so thanks at least for that, you scuzzy, thieving, piece of shit, asshole(s).

There are several cd's missing from the "office" cupboard, and the money was taken from the shelves above my desk, and there were things moved around on my desk, and stuff on the floor from in the cupboard. More drawers were messed up in the front room, and oddly, the thief had pushed the drawers back in, at least partway, which is why I didn't notice anything until I opened the drawers again AFTER that moment of "FUCK!" had hit me. It looks like there might be some dvds missing, though god help me in trying to ID which ones. That drawer HAD been left open, and the dvds were in a mess. I just assumed it had been Daniel sorting through them that morning. Maybe it was. I have no idea what the heck I'd be looking to replace anyway, if anything IS missing.

And there's stuff I don't want to check out yet.

Like, the box my camera came in was pulled out of the cupboard. I'm not ready to look IN the box though, to see if it's still there. Not yet.

I KNOW there was stuff taken from the bureau drawers, but at this point all I KNOW is missing is this ugly choker monstrosity THING that was crammed in the box, and I'm GLAD that's gone.

At the end of the day, THINGS being taken is nothing, mean nothing.

Insurance will replacement them, and even the sadness at losing items that tell the story of your life eventually fades.

This is my third break in, and the second theft.

The first two took time to feel I hadn't been violated. Having it happen again, in the home I share with my child, and having it happen in broad daylight is kind of harsh.

Having someone rob me of the notion that our home is OUR home, and only those we invite in can ever GET it, THAT'S what's hard to deal with.

I'm supposed to keep my boy safe, and while you KNOW nothing is absolute, and that shitheads have no timetable, you DO imagine you'll BE safe during the day.

And frankly, I need to go thought the whole claims process (ie the process where you're treated like a fraud even as you submit a claim of LESS value than your ACTUAL loss) like I need a hole in the head.

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