Friday, February 06, 2009

and then and then and then

It's forecast for 43C today, but it's still beautiful outside. Warm, but not stiflingly, so the house is still open to catch the morning cool that would be ushered in by the non existent breeze if it actually existed. I should probably close it all up way sooner than I ever do, but I love open windows and doors, and with the heatwave shut-in we've had this past week or so, it's a treat to be able to see what exists beyond the blinds.

We're heading across town today, to see Gail and to drop off some Nine West heels I scored from the thrift store but have no intention of ever wearing. It's going to be too hot to do anything other than waft around in air conditioned cars and/or shopping malls soon, and taking the trip to run an errand is, not surprisingly to any0one who's ever been in lock down with a three year old, more entertaining than slothing around at home listening to a) the air conditioning burning a hole in my bank account, and b) Roary the Racing Car on DVD, for the thousandth time and counting.

We'll head to the beach later today, or the pool a little earlier than later (what?), and I'm still avoiding my girlfriend and her son because her kid is a fucking nightmare, and I'm kind of too fragile right now (more later, if I can just stop with the damn crying) to deal with that level of shit. But! How guilty do I feel for implementing Avoidance Tactic # 1 ie don't call or answer phone EVER? A lot, because I like HER a lot but her kid, my god. A total sociopath in the making, and I'm not even kidding.

And truth is, I'm kind of not up to cramming a sock in my indignant hole, as I always do when she inevitably parents my child the way I guess she must think it should be done.

Seriously, what IS that? I mean, I might think you're making asshole choices vis a vis raising your child, but they're YOUR choices and are none of my business. Is it wrong of me to expect the same consideration?

But anyway, I DO like her which is why I cram it when what I really want to do hand her the sock and detailed instructions on what she should, at that particular moment, do with it.

Okay....Happy thoughts.

Total score today as this guy coming by to give me a free (FREE!) monitor. Nineteen inches, baby (I'll wait here 'til you're done audibly gasping over that amount of awesomeness) and delivered to my door at either 10am, or 11.30. For free. Because my current monitor is doing okay but every now and again goes *twink*, which is the EXACT noise it makes, and then the screen reduces in size by about a centimeter or two either side. Very weird, but very much "I'm about to DIE" in monitorspeak.

Cons? It's a crt screen, ie, not one of those sexy flat screen things


Also, and get this for You Have GOT To Be Kidding?? when my screen first twinked at me, I elbow jabbed my ubergeek, technofreak, North Carolinan friend who has every bit of technology you could IMAGINE in the ribs and asked her "so, what've ya got for me?", as in "har har, you live in NORTH CAROLINA, I live in Australia, AS IF".

And she said "I've got an iBook, I'll send it to you"

And I was all slack jawed and gaping at this revelation, for days, actually, and when I stopped with the jaw/floor routine, I said "you're kidding, right?

And she said "no, iBook, you want?"

That's when I died because an iBook? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Y'all, I'm getting a laptop AS A GIFT.

Four years old technical specs go here bla bla BLA


In other news, updates on my complicated, product heavy beauty routine, the one onvolving olive oil as a cleanser and lemon juice as a toner.

The lemon juice is going well, but the oil cleansing made me fearful after I got one (only) almost pimple, so I put a temporary kabosh on that. It's GREAT to take off zinc based sunscreen though, and my mineral make up just slides off, so I'll revisit the whole oil as a cleanser thing when I can find some castor oil (it seems to be an under the counter thing at the pharmacist, probably because it's a STRONG LAXATIVE, ohmyheck. I doubt using it as a cleanser if going to make me cleanse my bowels though, so onwards and upwards, what-oh?) because it's meant to be an AWESOME cleanser that "humidifies" the skin and I have NO idea what that means but it sounds like something I want, bad.

Meanwhile, Daniel is on the sofa having his brain sucked out of his head by some ABC TV show that sounds highly uneducational and features a lot of squeaky voices. Just think, when I get my laptop (MY LAPTOP OMG) I'm going to be able to sit next to him and have my brain sucked out of my head too. Sounds excellent!

Which about wraps up today's episode of The Bee Chronicles.

Stay cool, or warm, depending on your coordinates.

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