Monday, January 12, 2009


I was in the shower last night, having my usual Deep And Meaningful thoughts, ones like, "I reckon I'm going to go all out and use olive oil to cleanse and once I finish this last shipment of Avon Advanced Repar Glycolic Acid bla bla's from Ebay, I'm gonna use lemon juice as a toner. I'm going do it for a month and then report back to a) my face and b) the internet".

Stay tuned.

Other freaky things I'm doing include not using shampoo

the internet: how GROSS!

Except it's not.

I've been using a bicarb soda mix in water ever couple of days, and rinsing with a dilute apple cider vinegar mix and the entire WORLD should give it a go because it REALLY WORKS.

Slowly too, I'm able to use the mixture less often. And when my hair gets dirty, it's not slimy greasy hair dirty, it's just from going to the beach and training and such. It's a different kind of dirty.

A clean dirty.


Which is entirely less gross than greasy hair dirty.

I got the idea here from Miss Grace's Disgrace late last year (when apparently ALL my good thinking occurs) which led me to here which lead me to here, which led me to I reckon it's been about two months since I've shampooed my hair OR Daniel's and my goodness, it shows. In a good way. A veddy, veddy good way. My hair is softer and shinier, and my soul LOVES this kind of hippy shit.

Other experiments include sea salt washing, white vinegar clarifying, lemon juice rinses, and sea salt washing followed by a nettle and chamomile tea rinse.

So it's kind of fun too because I'm now at the point where I do things like suspiciously eye off the can of tomatoes in my cupboard and think things like "I wonder what YOU'D be like, you saucy little minx, all pureed and massaged into my hair, followed by a dilute lemon juice mix and left to air dry?".

Not that I've gone that far yet, but I KNOW I will sometime (at least relatively) soon.

But not now. Now I need to go to the dentist and WON'T THAT BE FUN?

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