Friday, January 30, 2009

that's hot

It's forty million degrees Celsius here again today, and it looks like it's going to stay here FOREVER.

Trainlines even buckled in the heat on Tuesday. They buckled! In the heat! How fucking AWESOME is THAT??

The rest of the city is all "OMFGNOOOOOOOOOOOO", but I'm kind of loving it.

And I really don't know why because, essentially, surviving a heatwave such as this involves a whole lot of staying inside and not doing much of anything, which is an activity guaranteed to drive me crazy.

But! Here we both are again, holed up at home with no plans for the beach and only minor plans to get to the pool later today. Daniel's came out earlier like a game show host in need of a stylist, all Ta Da hands and crying out "I'm DRESSED!", and proceeded to show himself off to his greatest advantage by turning around in circles and making sure I copped an absolute eye full of his glory.

He's in daycare today. His usual day is Monday but we had a national holiday here so the centre gave (and by "gave" you KNOW I mean "will bill me for, as well as bill me for his usual Monday which he wasn't even THERE for") us today to make up for it. It's almost 1pm here and I'm here giving the running dialogue, so you can see how keen we both are to get this whole Childcare thing underway.

He doesn't want to go, I don't want him to go, so I have no idea why he's going, other than the old "respite" chestnut. He probably needs time away from me more than I do him, because of the two of us, I'm the more likely to get cranky when he doesn't nap. Which he doesn't do AT ALL (welcome to being THREE!) anymore. Which makes me sound like I'm whining about him when actually, I really DO love his company 24/7.

Which is why we're still here and why I'm thinking the playcafe before I drop him off sounds like an excellent idea.

So that's the plan, formulated in the here and now: playcafe, daycare, pool. Yeah.

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