Saturday, August 02, 2008

simple things

Daniel's most beloved toys are the boxes and tubs and buckets and cartons and egg cups and bags full of "collectables" he's gathered.

He's like a tiny little curator and has built up quite an impressive assortment of Objets d'Art.

Or, as I refer to them, Loads Of Crap.

His ENTIRE day is spent emptying out and examining each particular collection before systematically moving on to the next.

MY days are spent wondering where in heck my floor went.

We've been working on the One Pile Of Junk At Once, Please system, and it works like this:


But I persist and one day it WILL work.

Or I WILL end up stuffing him headfirst into that one little boy sized tub with the lid on top. The lid that has the potential to be LOCKED.

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