Thursday, July 24, 2008

ultrasound in t-30

Tuesday's beta held the same amount of thrill as the last two.

ie not so much.

It was around six thousand bla bla somethingorothers. I honestly didn't hear the exact number, BUT! It was nurse wonderful who broke the news so the second thing she said before I even had a chance to even think "shit", "damn" or "motherfucker" was all snapping me to attention and saying things like "Remember what we talked about last time, aibee! Everything else looks good. That's what's important right now!". I swear, LOVE, especially considering it was nurse negativo who did the blood draw Tuesday morning and she was all squishing her face up and pursing her lips and saying SHIT like "we want the number to be well into the teens" and "It might be an ectoppic, but we don't really know. The numbers are inconclusive bla ba BLA".

Question, sunshine: then why SAY it?

Why not stick with saying stuff like, ooh, lemme think, "the numbers are inconclusive" - and then shutting the fuck up?

I asked my GP (who(m?) I also love dearly) why they're such shitheads there (apart from Annette and Mary. You are exempt and I love you both dearly. Kisses, etc), and he asked me why lawyers don't lie on the beach. Which is an analogy I don't even GET even though it kind of explained it anyway.

So, yes. The ultrasound is in, like, twenty minutes and Daniel is asleep and I am in my jammies. Awesomeness or current time frame? Low, but I wanted to publish at least one positive entry before I DON'T KNOW DON'T GO THERE.

Group hug?

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