Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm about off to get a damn x-ray taken, which was ordered the other day, which was before I discovered the loose plate in my chin. Yes, I said in my chin. In my chin, no less. You know, in my FACE.


But the x ray isn't to check on that baby, oh no. It's to check the other loose plate, which is one of the several other plates in my face. I'm sorry, didn't I convey the horror of that statement well enough? Let me try again: MY FACE HAS LOOSE BITS IN IT.

I think. I mean, I know the bits shouldn't be loose but maybe (hopefully?) I'm imagining the weirdass move-y clicking in my chin.

But it does click, forgodsake, right on the tip (where I can't feel a fucking thing anyway, thank you extended numbness factor)(seriously, it's so numb that I can stick a damn sewing needle [theoretically, it's not like I tried something as barbaric as that, not even for test purposes, on purpose][ahem]and not feel a thing. Nothing. There is nothing there. Point being, if I went blind and needed to read braille with my chin, I'd be fucked), which I found out after I went back to the surgeon to tell him about the weird patch on my still swollen cheek that aches.

He wants to rule out the rejecting of another plate (my face: "I don't love you any more!" The Plate: "but I can't leave you! How about I get inflamed and be a pain in the ASS in your FACE instead?") and I was all, hell yes, because this thing is FUCKED UP. And then I found another level of fucked up in my aforementioned chin.

Word. I swear.

So today's x-ray will confirm or not these icky (and hopefully imaginary) things.

Which is in half an hour so READ FAST.

Oh, I am such a wit.



My face is aching so this shit had better show something fixable. Also, my chin. I'd like to feel it was attached again, you know? You have no idea how disturbing (and lately, distressing) it is to lose sensation to sections of your face, or to have big chunks of it constantly experience altered sensations. It's like going to the dentist and being novocained out of your gourd, and then having it NOT LEAVE. Except it's worse.

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