Wednesday, March 26, 2008

when the lights go out

Once upon a time I put Daniel down for his nap wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of red shorts. He was asleep when I left him, and all was quiet. Then when I went in to check on him....:

when toyboxes explode
Mr Bunny turns a blind eye to the all the shenanigans

Stuffed toy - rama, and most of them were in bed with him and his gender non-specific pretty pink stroller. He'd also turned the room upside down looking for his Thomas The Tank Engine pyjamas which, SCORE, and then he'd crammed both his legs into one of the shorts', and while he did a better job with the shirt, it too was being worn upside down.

He was so obviously hit with the Sleep Bat mid cahoot, and was all "this is GREAT!! I'm having so much..." *clunk* "...zzzzzzzzzzzz".

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