Sunday, March 16, 2008

In other news

and because I need to sit for half an hour and not let things succumb to the forces of gravity.

It's Fall here, or as we antipodeans refer to it, Autumn. A stinkingly hot one too. Everyone's all "OH EM GEE, the heat, how are you handling it?!", and they ask me this while we're all standing around in the air conditioned supermarket checkout queue. Um, I'm doing fine thanks, maybe because EVERYTHING is AIRCONDITIONED. The only time anyone (apart from the stalwart pensioners who end up expiring from the heat in their unairconditioned apartments because back in the day, no one had airconditioning, so despite the technology available to sail through these blisteringly hot days, they do not) needs to be in the heat is that short disstance from the front door to the car, and again from the car to the front door of wherever the hell.

Point being, we've blown away all records vis a vis heatwaves. It's never been this hot for such a stretch of time since records began, which in techno talk means it's been over 35C, which in real terms means it's been Fucking Hotfor over ten days. In actual fact though, we've had fifteen days of over 38C temps, and we're looking at at least two more. The change is expected on Tuesday evening, so the next day's temp should drop to....34C.

So there it is. The weather report, coming to you live from MyTown.

If Daniel poops in the next half an hour, we're heading down to the local pool for a few hours before naptime hits. And if anyone is interested, spotlight is still chaffing my ass. We went to the beach last night at around 6pm, and it was beautiful. Daniel has totally integrated this vast Amount Of Sand + Water And Shit thing into his internal alarm system, so we spent about an hour in the shallow water being bounced around by little ripply waves that still packed enough punch to knock the little guy over and spat him headfirst into the water. AWESOME!


chasing seagulls

These were from another sunnier day. Still late in the day though, around 6pm.

shifting sand

We've not been to the pool before, but it should be a different kind of fun for Daniel, and a lot less sand to scoop out of buttcracks and cars afterwards for me, and we can go down earlier than Almost dark O Clock because of the shade cloth, and no doubt there'll be other kids hanging out at the toddler pool, so yes, a different kind of fun than the more organic kind one gets at the beach. And much less paraphenalia to pack because NO SAND. Thank god almighty. I swear, I love the beach, but I love it a lot less these days thanks to sand encrusted boy tagging along. Water bottles end up filled with sand, all the towels end up sopping wet and crusted with sand, changes of clothes are necessary so traveling light with a towel and a bikini is no longer a viable option, and stuffing wet and sandy baby speedos and rash vests into bags that are already lugging half the beach home in them is not as much fun as the standing up, changing the boy into some dry clothes, grabbing the one, single bag that's already holding the slightly damp and not at all sandy towel, action the pol provides, and my guess is that it's going to be HEAVEN.

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