Friday, February 05, 2010

I can't get enough of you, baby

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I seriously can't stop looking at this photo. That face, the hair, that itty bitty little hand etc etc ETC,. No kidding, its the kind of photo where you go "OMG look at his TOES!", then you see his hand and plotz over that, then the face, the ears, the HAIR. Then you repeat the cycle and find ever MORE to go apeshit over. Repeat.

He's on my phone too, so I can take him with me and look at him ALL DAY LONG, and I DO look at him all day long.

I need an intervention.



It's my dad.

I know.


Confronting much to have this urge to blow raspberries on his little smooshy tummy? OH I THINK SO.

Geez, he was cute though. Like, seriously adorbydorbs cute.


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