Saturday, February 14, 2009


Did you see mah Tweet?

Why yes! I'm doing it again!

Except I'm not.

So cryptic!

Plans were made just last week. I do better when I have something to work toward, and this past month or three I've been floundering with no idea what to do this year in re The Babies. I mean, I'd had the last cycle fail, then moved to the next planned event which was getting those motherfucker plates out of my face, then the next move was...a lot of virtual hand wringing. Then one of those flashes of inspiration that hit you in the face with a resounding "well, DUH" came along, and there it was, A Plan! One that could be implemented on Day Nine.

Which was NINE days from THEN and ELEVEN days from NOW, so today was the second of aproximately a million (give or take) blood draws, all craftily designed to work out when I ovulate this month.

Then we wait three days, then we thaw out mah frozen behbeh, then we hope it survives its virtual re-entry, then if it does, we transfer it, and then we wait.

The rest of the world HATES the two week wait. I love it though because a) I'm a freak and b) it's a time of hope and possibilities and I could live the two week wait FOREVER.

Upshot: Provided the planets align just so, I could be pregnant within the month.

There's probably more chance of winning the lottery WITHOUT buying a ticket, and/so when/if/whatEVER this fails, it's straight into IVF for my next cycle, because I don't have time (thank YOU, 1966) to respect how emotionally hammered I feel after the past (several fucking) year(s) or so of total shit.

You might think I'm kind of fucking crazy, but admit it, it IS kind of fucking exciting too.

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