Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's 7.15am or thereabouts, and I've been up since 6am wondering if the excruciating pain I'm in is a perception or, you know, EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

As an aside, blogger is ALREADY giving me the shits.

But anyway, my innards is the topic du jour and they are not happy.

So I did the smart thing and consulted Dr Google, cross referencing "egg retrieval" with "complications" and apparently there CAN be complications following an egg retrieval (who knew!). INFERTILITY can be a complication of the complications too, which (that?) include infection, bleeding, perforation etc etc bla bla bla.

I'd gunning for perforation because my bowel (So. Sexy!) is having a damn cow. It's like MASSIVE wind pain hurt, but MASSIVELY MASSIVE. I mean, my god, I can't even TOUCH my tummy without wincing, and it's like that all the way up to my ribs, which is as far away from my ovaries as one can get without leaving my peritoneum or whatever the fuck the Innards Containment Area is officially called.

I called the unit at a little before 7am, which is when they open (at 7am, not a little before hand and I know this because the answering machine message SAYS SO) and implored them to contact me asap because PAIN! CONCERN! and it's now 7.30 ( I write slow) and...nothing.

Which doesn't surprise me because no doubt they're sitting back thinking I'm being a drama queen, when in actual fact, I'm as tough as old boots and when I say I'm in pain, it's usually because I'm this close *squishes thumb and forefinger together* to agony.

Oh, phone!

Obviously I need to learn to trust people and things a leetle more.

They're concerned about my pain because at this point, I shouldn't be in any.

Great. I was hoping for a "perfectly normal!".

I'll still be going in to see my doctor at 9.30 this morning, but the embryo transfer (two of!) might not happen today because surely sticking those babies (!) up there while I feel like this isn't optimal physically OR emotionally?

Oh, dilemma!

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