Friday, November 21, 2008

inside story

There will be no retrieval today. Repeat, no retrieval, just another bloody ultrasound.

Fun times.

It WAS Dr Too Much Bowel on Wednesday's scan, and he DID bitch and moan about how much bowel (ie SHIT) was obscuring his view, and in regard to measuring as many follicles as previously? FAIL.


I was all, dude, I know it's underparts hosting your viewing apparatus, but MOVE THAT SHIT ASIDE IT CAN'T BE TOO HARD.


As of Wednesday, there are two follicles on one side (my brain: NO IDEA WHICH DON'T ASK), one quasi supernova, and one regular sized one cruising along and so not being impressed with its partner's hugificence. Side B offered Too Much Bowel and one single follicle of unimpressive proportions too.

Today will hopefully be another doctor viewing mah bits, and what with all the injecting going on in my bellicular region, it should be a Monday retrieval. Large Follicle will be gone by then, but the remaining three should be ready to rock.

One would hope.

If not, all this week's emotional yada yada has SO not been worth it.

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