Tuesday, November 11, 2008

le start

Bloods this morning at dawn ( no shit, I haven't slept past 6.30am AT ALL in, like, TEN days. Which would be okay if I went to bed before ridiculous o clock, which I do not), and my first jab with the Gonal-F shortly thereafter. Daniel was, as usual, fascinated with the whole process and thankfully this time didn't try and assist me by whamming his hand on the end of the jabby pen thing while I was mid jab. The blood draw was a hit for him too, not in the literal sense, thank god, but in that he was enlisted by Nurse Killjoy to put the vials of blood in the vials of blood holder, which he did, hence the inner "woohoo!" the whole blood drawing process held for him.

So... shooting up on Gonal-F every morning until Friday, then (at dawn!) an ultrasound before continuing with the Gonal-F and, if memory serves, starting in on the orgalunoideahwatitsactuallycalled too.

The last time it took eight days to go from here to a retrieval, so I'm hoping it all goes as smoothly this time (and lo, Nurse Killjoy's pearls of misery: "each time is different. This time there might not even be any antral follicles, or the ones that ARE may never develop..." *quasi meaningful quasi sympathetic eyecontact goes here*) .

I've put my order with the universe in more clearly this time though. Last time, I skimped, thinking asking to be pregnant would be enough. Oh ho ho, universe, good one. This time my ass is covered, and I've asked to get pregnant, and to have the pregnancy end with me taking home a healthy child who will grow to adulthood bla bla bla, and also? A new car, one with air, power windows, a really rad sound system, and maybe a cabriolet. Yeah!

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