Monday, November 24, 2008

still waiting

Seeings as how today wasn't an egg retrieval day because the universe REALLY wanted to fuck with my sanity this time round, tomorrow is.

Starving begins at midnight tonight, after which I shall shower a) to save from having to get up five minutes earlier in the morning to do so, and b) because NO WAY am I going to cut into the pre midnight Stuffing Of Face going on (even as I type) (right now, cheese, because my HUGE steak and HUGE bowl full of brussel sprouts aren't ready yet) by practicing good personal hygiene.

Today I woke with a desire to cram unlimited amounts of anything vaguely edible down my throat. Nothing is appeasing the bottomless pit formerly known as my stomach though,so I'm hoping it can be explained away with the words "whacky mad hormones" because eating frozen bread IS NOT NORMAL.


Egg retrieval tomorrow. AT LAST.


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