Sunday, October 19, 2008

I take drugs

My doctor prescribed a 3-5 day course of Voltaren Rapid 50 and when he did, I, the person who debates taking a panadol for so long that by the time I decide to take it, the reason I debated taking it for so long has long gone, practically body slammed him to get the script, STAT.

I'm on day four now and just found myself scrambling for reassurance that today was day five and that two more tablets did indeed, still exist. Which, score! Because this shit works adequately enough that I can walk without giving the impression I have a broomstick shoved up my ass. Which I do not, and which my back pain does not actually simulate, despite the unfortunate fact that it DOES suggest my problem is the aforementioned broomstick located as described.

This shit must be pretty rough though, because the package insert reads something to the effect that side effects and complications are being added to so often that you'll need to a) ask your doctor, and/or b) go online for updated information before taking it.

Legally speaking, I guess this means the drug company has their ass covered if YOUR ass falls off, because you should have a) asked your doctor and/or b) gone online BEFORE taking it.

Which maybe you didn't do because a) you figured you'd read the damn insert, and/or b) what's an "internet"?

I'm all about option a), but I DO know what an internet is, so I went online and this is what I found.


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