Tuesday, November 25, 2008

random eww + honorable egg reference

Last night I felt something weird in my mouth. What the hail IS that, I asked myself, thinking the answer would be something obvious like "rogue sesame seed", and that the solution would lie in a length of waxed dental floss.

Further investigation however, revealed a frickin' BOLT hanging out of my gum, right up there above my teeth and in that seam between my gum and the insidey bit of my lip.

I about keeled over dead right there because GROSSOMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD, and then I forgot about The Gross in favor of rolling my eyes because, seriously, only me, right?

My surgeon's not called back yet, and I'm hoping that when he does it's going to be a case of "Easy peasey, amigo, we can screw that sucker out in five minutes, tops, right here in my rooms!".

Something tells me though, that it's going to be a leetle more involved than a Phillip's head screw driver wielded amid a bit of small talk.


six follicles located this morning, and six eggs retrieved.

*punches sky*

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