Sunday, August 17, 2008

get a load of THIS pile of shit.

I got a text message from my mum today.


and she was all "SIL needs support, your brother has been a hero* in a car accident in tokyo. Is okay, but all are shaken"

so, regardless of how much support they've given me lately ie NONE, I called because I AM that much better than the rest of my family, aka That Bunch Of Buttfucks.

Not that there's anything wrong with DOING the buttfucking, I guess, if you're into that kind of thing, but in the interests of being insulting etc

side bar: my boy is in the toilet (oh OKAY. The BATHROOM) grunting out a poop like a REAL man. It's totally all "ooh, aah, eh, EH" from in there. Now it's all "THAT'S MAH BIG POO. BEND OVAH!".

*waves crash on beaches*

Jaysus, dude wasn't lying


What the fuck is wrong with me that I'd lay my neck on the slab AGAIN?

My SIL was all "...." and I was all *uncomfortable silence*.

eventually I learned that he's okay, she's okay, and the team's okay. Which I knew they would be.

Note to mum: SO NOT A SURPRISE.

So they can go fuck themselves.


Until the next time the family phone rings and the instructions are to care, because I always will, regardless of their worth to me, because I'm this idiot hippy that recognises THEIR worth in the big scheme of things, and I can't escape being human.

Even if they can.


ps this in, from the Less That Three Feet Tall members of the family:  

(why does HE know how to do that groovy making square stuff and I don't?)

* her artistic license

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