Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I recently bought some shoes from shoebuy.com.

Y'all are probably "ooh, shoes!" with images of heels and tippy tapping around and shit, which they do sell and which, yes, I LOVE THE TIPPY TAP, but me + heels = is she drunk?

So check out my new treads:

Yes. Sexy. Also stable and close to the ground.

But how AWESOME is that flash flare? THIS MUCH? OH YEAH!!

The purple (PURPLE) soles not so much so - BUT, the service was great, all clickety click and quick and easy with no bullshit at the checkout, and so far no one's ripped my credit card details and bought a shitload of stuff that I want but can't afford (which would be the REAL piss off about that situation: some other fucker living the life I want with MY money), and my shoes got to me HERE from THERE in less time than it took the shoe store HERE to get a pair in HERE in my size.

The Best Thing Ever though, was that ShoeBuy sold me my shoes for a full hundred and thirty bucks CHEAPER that what they sell for here, and that's WITH international postage and insurance.

Two thumbs up, ShoeBuy.

The point of all this is that, apart from practically GIVING me money to buy new shoes, ShoeBuy offer excellent incentives to spend money so you can save money.

Because they're kind and that's how it works.

If you save a hundred and thirty bucks, then you have a hundred and thirty bucks MORE than you had before because ShoeBuy GAVE it to you. Which may be why I, despite being a mathematical genius (true story), failed basic accounting FOUR times before being WALKED through the fifth test paper, question by question, to finally score a basic pass (also a true story).


If you're a new customer, you get 10% off your first purchase. If you're a new customer who's been referred by an existing customer, you'll receive an additonal $10 coupon for that same first purchase. Then, when YOU'RE an existing customer and five of YOUR referrals buy shoes, YOU WIN a $75 coupon for your NEXT purchase.


Their current promotion is, as well as the 10% off plus $10 off your first purchase, if you pay using PayPal, you get $20 off any order over fifty bucks, with free shipping.

They already have free shipping and returns though, so that Free! Shipping! thing is kind of a big, seductive lie.

The point of all this ShoeBuy Love is that I'm an existing customer, duh, so if anyone wants to be referred, email me your email address at aibiffity AT gmail DOT com, and I'll refer you and SHOE MAGIC will happen in the form of free shoes. FOR ME! Yay! I'll get a $75 coupon, but it's NOT all about me because when five of YOUR referrals buy some shoes, you'll get free shoes and then THEY'LL get free shoes, and on and on and on and ON.

So really, it's just like a chain letter. With SHOES!

edited to add: apparently there's this thing called a "Personal Invitation Link" which works the same way but bypasses the personal interaction and LOVE we could share when you email me and I email you back via the referral thingummywhatsit.

So, you have a choice. Work it yourself by clicking this link, or indulge in a global warm fuzzy by emailing me so that, together, we can share Shoe Love.

Additional note: the invitation text BLOWS and is IMPOSSIBLE to edit, so when you get a cheesey invite from me, remember that it wasn't ME who wrote it.

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