Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The irony of grief is that it's further down the track, say six to nine months or so, when the enormity of loss truly sinks in. Before that, it's all practice as your mind lets in a bit at at time, and only as much as you can handle on that day.

That much time later is when all the snippets of reality come together, and it's that much time later is when later is when most people have forgotten how SAD their friend was because now they're relieved for them, saying "[Grieving person] is okay now, it's been a while since [insert name here] passed away. Thank God time heals, eh?".

Meanwhile Grieving Person is at home gasping for air and finally fully comprehending the giant hole left in their life, and NOT talking about it because, c'mon, it's been SO LONG, no one wants to know how they feel anymore.

And the irony of THAT in re THIS, is that six to nine months after a miscarriage is pretty much when you'd planned to take a baby home.

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