Wednesday, June 25, 2008

more waiting

So essentially, I've got to make it through until Friday without a) going crazy and b) getting my period.

If I get there without meeting either criteria, Nurse Killjoy says I can take a pregnancy test.

How cool would it be if Friday was the day after Wednesday?

And now for some negativity because, why not!

Nurse Killjoy is the delight that said (among other spectacularly negative comments) after I'd made the comment that "I know that statistically there's only a ten percent chance I'll get pregnant, it could happen because someone's got to fit into that ten percent to get that ten percent, so why can't it be me? Rambleramblenervousbullshitramble." You know, being all positive and hopeful and stuff. Because really? At this point, you've only got hope.

And unless you're WAY more...creative in your thinking than you are knowledgable of the fucking obvious, then you're aware the other part of the equation is, if not a concrete number, then is a least substantially larger.

The killjoy was quick (QUICK) and keen (VERY) to burst the bubble o' hope with The Facts (which, come the fuck on. A fertility clinic's trade, second only to their practical expertise, lies in hope) saying some shit about "well as long as you remember that there's a ninety percent chance you WON'T get pregnant.".

No kidding. Really? Because I was a little hazy on my MATHS.

God, what a buzzkill.

Also, those ten follicles that got know, it only two and a half weeks ago.

Me: Um, that's good, isn't it? It's not it? Ten?

Bubble popper: Mmmm, on paper it looks oookaaay, but really? Until we go in there....

Note to her: Hate.

Oh, okay. Dislike. But strongly.


tick tock.

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