Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I have a cold, it's after ten, and this is my first opportunity ALL day to sit down and not do something requiring my brain matter, so it's going to be a quick "then I did this and that and this" update, okay?.

The alarm went off at six this morning, and Daniel to childcare so I could get to my 7.45 scan, then as soon as I left there, I had to cross town to run a class, then I left there to cross town again for another emergency dental appointment, and after that it was all running around doing at least some of the mountains of errandy type shit I've not been able to do this last week or so because all my damn time has been taken up visiting fucking dentists. Then I went home to take a deep breath and mainline a coffee before picking up The Dude, except before I even sat down, work called, and because I was totally high on the real deal pseudoephedrine, I agreed to taking the 5.20 circuit class. Which was a mistake because now I feel even more like that much shit, and my cold is all "yay, now I can take over this mothership", and my head is all "Man, how much does viral domination suck?", and my nose is all "THIS MUCH!!".

About the scan: I've been injecting Gonal-F once a day since Saturday, and my ovaries are now totally rocking on with four follicles on the left side, and at least three on the right. The ones on the right aren't as impressive as "three" sounds as one is measuring 14x11mm, and another is measuring at 14x12, when all the rest are still under 10mm.

Those flashy, overachievers will likely put out before the other five regular sized follicles are even at first base, which is okay, because that still leaves the popssibilty of up to five follicles, which is okay because it's one HELLUVA lot better than two.

The second salient point about all this ovarian activity is that most of the usable follicles are my left ovary, so even if this cycle goes to shit, it could still be converted to something useable, thanks to my good fallopian tube being on that side too.

Orgalutran injections started tonight, there'll be another tomorrow night, and then a scan on Friday to see how those follicles are responding. Hopefully well, as I'd LOVE to be able to trigger over the weekend for an egg retrieval on Monday, as that's the only day I don't have paid work, and the guilt factor involved in bailing work I don't get paid for isn't as bad as when I cancel on a paying job.

Today's other good news is probably not particularly factually good, it's just that the toothy news has been SO bad, it's laughable, so there's really no amount of worrying I CAN do because, seriously, HILARIOUS.

The tooth I'm going to lose? Is not alone, so I'm up for twice as much of the bullshit I wailed on about the other day. The specialist is less keen on taking either tooth out now, because there are two of them and hello, Gappy McHoagly. There's also another tooth with not a bad foundation, but it's 1mm less than optimal. Which the two asshole teeth may have been like not that long ago. Which means, unless someone works out what the fuck is going on, it's worrying. And as Perioguy has absolutely no idea why I'm losing bone around vital teeth, it IS worrying. He's going to call me in a week after he's discussing the mystery with his "colleagues at the University". Hopefully there'll be some bright spark there who has some idea abut, if not what's causing all this, then at least a possible treatment plans.

According to him, if this WAS gum disease, which he does NOT believe it is, this level of destruction would take YEARS to develop, whereas my problem has developed in a matter of months, if not weeks.

Scary, huh? Or it would be if my head could get around the magnitude of the problem. Which it can't. Yay?

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