Saturday, June 07, 2008

ker-really quick

because I we're leaving ion half an hour for my next scan, and Daniel is still asleep and I'm still in my pyjamas.

Last scan, Wednesday: People, I have, like, A MILLION follicles, and this is no lie. If by a million I mean TEN.

Which is fucking awesome considering this is one of those old lady last ditch effort short cycles (I may come back later and update this entry with informative links. Or I may not)

There are the aforementioned four (hee) on the left ovary, and the "around three" on the right turned out to be (quick, who's good at maths?!)


All measuring really well except for one (ONE ONLY) which has seemingly gorged itself on both gonal-f and ora...whatver the heck that stuff is called. The box is in the car, no idea what the arrangement of letters is.

Anyway, that follicles was all 16x18mm and going "BOOYAH!", and my doctor (and it WAS MY doctor this time, YAY) was all "pipe down motherfucker, none of US are impressed".

That loud and proud follicle is in no way a threat to the others coming along nicely enough that I need another scan TODAY because it looks like a retrieval on Tuesday, which would have been Monday if not for the lameass Queen's Birthday public holiday.

Gotta go.


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