Sunday, June 22, 2008

reader vote

Should I be hopeful this could work?:
a) yes, definitely.
b) no. NO.

It's not an obsession thing, honestly. HONESTLY. I've only googled twice and this time was because the weird brown whatever the fuck showed up again today. Not a lot, just a streak on the toilet paper, and this time, because I'm possibly an idiot, rather than googling what could be going so wrong that this stuff is showing up, I googled "implantation bleeding" instead.

And? Score.

So many pages describing what I'd seen in the same time frame I was seeing it.

this one
? Sshe could be me if I honed my writing skills.

I'm nine days post transfer with three day old embryos (that's the 9pt3dt part of her entry. 9 Post Transfer, 3 Day Transfer. Or something. I might be doing [having?] IVF, but I'm so not hip with the lingo) too, and her description of the weirdness is more accurate than my literary dodging of an accurate description, and is absolutely what I could have written if I didn't totally cop out of the Guess What's Coming Out Of My Girl Parts component of my earlier entry.


Check the dates.

That entry was written in May, 2006, and as per her sidebar, her daughter was fourteen months old last week.

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