Thursday, July 19, 2007

dream on

I'm not trying to be obtuse but seriously, this Secret Messages Of Dreams theme you've got going on isn't working for me. Remember that dream I had about losing Daniel, who happened to be white mouse, not of the Stuart Little variety but your regular, hold your skirts in your hand while standing on a kitchen chair squealing for help white mouse, in the busy streets of MyTown, leaving me scrambling among the legs of the passers by, none of who (m?) gave a shit about a little lost mouse, destitute forever unless I found him, the fuckers, that
had to mean something? Yeah, well, I'm still trying to solve that one too, so next time you want to enrich my life by pointing me in the direction of what needs improving, try leaving me a sticky note on the fridge. Make sure you've clearly and concisely dot pointed the relevant areas too, because this murky dream scape thing totally isn't doing anything for anyone.
Sincerely yours,
The Management.

Last night I dreamed I left my weekly AA meeting with someone else, and because we were chatting we kind of got lost and then they realised they'd forgotten where they'd parked their car and then I realised I'd forgotten where I parked mine and then we both ended up wandering around a suburb called Maryville (and why in hell I'd remember that name is beyond me) looking for our stupid cars.

At one point, we walked passed a wedding party that had all the other AA people milling around in dinner suits and drinking champagne which, on recollection, should have bothered me, what with the whole AA theme going on but which didn't at the time I dreamed it, so B and I were all puffing up our lost and forlorn chests saying "Act cool! Don't let them know we've lost our cars!" and the other AA people were all "Wassup?". Then I was all internally indignant and feeling rejected because hey, they're all having a party and why weren't we invited?!. Then I wandered off and away from B because while I knew I'd walked past a Catholic school chapel on my way to the meeting, person B had no idea what the fuck so then I spent what felt like the entire night wandering around this specifically named suburb trying to find the damn school so that I could find the stupid chapel because I knew that once I found that, I could find my muckinfruckin car, except all I could find was stupid public schools and my god, the frustration of knowing that somewhere in that one hundred meter radius was my ride home.

At some point there were waves crashing on beaches and some walking through locked office buildings and some wandering through the crowds at a discount store. I think there was also some lying under the clothes racks of said store and I think this whole thing went on for a day or so and then I woke up.


Class interaction time because I know you're there you can't fool me: what the fuck?

Yes, yes. I agree. Dreams are dreams and for the most part, probably don't mean squat in the cold light of day (which probably doesn't go with the whole Hippy deal thing I've got going on here, but so does shaving my legs and there goes that argument) but this one was so memorable and the clues so vivid - the suburb, the fuzzy face of unkown person B, the trying to find things like, ooh I dunno, a chapel? ferfucksake, and the fact that I'm not an alcoholic (yet?) and that the whole thing stemmed from leaving (not going to because I don't remember that part. If I did, I'd have remembered where I left my damn car and this whole dream would have been moot) an AA meeting- that I'm left wondering is there anything I'm trying to tell myself here and if so, what.the. fuck. is it?

So I turn to you, my enormous fanclub. You got any ideas?

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