Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Remember my heart rate monitor? I was supposed to have that fucker by yesterday. The store didn't call me as planned though, so after my Pilates class today and in between clients (who all (two, ahem) rescheduled anyway, gah), I ducked in to ask them what the fuck? The assistant furrowed her brow and said "hmm, it should be here. They always despatch immediately and we put the order in on Friday. How about I call them and ask them what the fuck? ". Well, the fuck was that despite these beshitted monitors alwaysalwaysalwasy being despatched on the day or a day after the order is placed, and despite my fucking order being placed in a timely manner, the shipment containing it wasn't sent until today. Tofuckingday. Yes, my beans are excessively steamed given it's only a forty eight hour delay but PEOPLE, anything to do with me, be it a plan I've made, an order I've put in, a seminar I'm going to, a course I'm involved in, electronics I've bought or software I've loaded, anything, whateverthefuck, if it's mine or to do with me, it will NEVER go as planned or on schedule.

Also, fuck NLP. Bla bla, negative noise leads to negative outcomes, bla bla. What Ev, dude. I just want my damn watch.

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