Sunday, February 05, 2006

oh, bla, etc.

Rather than struggle with the damn stroller every time I venture out with the boy - although I've got to admit, I'm quite the stroller expert by now. One flick of the hand and *poof* the whole thing unfurls itself like magic. I'm still working on the magic folderuppering (whatever) because I still look like an amateur in that depatment, not because I am, mind, but because it's a fucking awkward thing to fold up. I mean, seriously, a hand button, a thumb button and a foot pedal all at once and at the same time as you fold the top bit over the front bit? Somebody in the design department was on drugs that day.

That design feature aside, this is an awesome stroller, mostly because it was a totally awesome bargain. I'd bought a stroller from Target earlier this year, when I was around five minutes pregnant and because I was an amateur at that point, and it was half price, I believe, and I'm a sucker for a bargain and will buy shit I don't even need if it has a "SALE!" tag on it that suggests I should. Certainly, I'll um and ahh about it for a fucking eon as I'm the most indecisive biznitch you've ever met, but ultimately, I end up buying the damn thing, as long as I know I can return it when I come to my senses once I'm home, which is when I generally realise I have no use for whatever amazing bargain I just bought. Come to think if it, the indecisiveness got worse while I was pregnant, and while the wavering is even more laborious now as I generally floof around for AGES debating the purchase, only to go home empty handed and with nothing to show for my pained efforts. From there, I move onto wallowing in regret at letting such an amazing deal slip through my fingers, but that's another story. Oh, I love shopping

Where was I?

I'd bought stroller V.1 when I had no fucking idea about strollers, and I ultimately decided I hated it five months after the initial purchase. It has plastic tyres for crying out loud. Plastic. Ick, but it was still in its carton, I had the receipt, and fortunately I have Oscar winning potential. I got my cash refund on the icky plastic tyred thing, when usually after that amount of time has lapsed between purchase and return, it's only a store credit. Go me. Upshot of this being that by eight or so months pregnant, despite my burning desire to own one, my more brightly burning indecisive streak meant I still didn't have a stroller. Then the day before Daniel was born, I had an hour to kill so I futzed around in the babyTarget section so I could drive myself nuts over all the things I should be buying but wouldn't anyway because of the aforementioned indecisive bent. Things never go to plan though, and there was this killer red stroller on the floor at more than sevety five percent off, so *BAM* I was so there with my credit card, and now we have a stroller that cost a ton less than the other piece of crap and yet, shits all over it, the end, because fuck! Where was I going with all this?!

Most often, we travel without the shit hot stroller because we use a Hotsling. It's so easy to use and I've become so adept at stuffing him into it that I've graduated from gently coaxing him into his sling while I'm seated on the ground, surrounded by soft anf floofy pillows and several firemen in full rescue gear, to shoving him in it while standing over a pit of sharp knives and broken glass.

The deebs loves it as it puts him in the exact same position he was in in (in in?) utero, and I love it as, being a personal trainer and Bowen Therapist, I'm totally anal about back health. Using this sling automatically engages the muscles that got stretched to buggery while I was pregnant, therefore my core strength is being improved simply by carrying the little prince around. His weight is distributed across my shoulders so doesn't put any strain on my lower back AND it was way cheaper than the other popular carriers on the market which, in my professional opinion (BWAH!), suck. Babies spines go in a "C" curve, and a slings like this encourage this natural posture.

Also and most importantly, Daniel looks SO FREAKIN' CUTE when he's in it that the world stands still and no kidding, I'm going to have to start charging a viewing fee because so many people stop us to say 'aww'.

Also, I go back to work tomorrow.


Also, you have no idea how long it took me to write this amount of crap. Whoo.

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