Friday, January 20, 2006


The process should've been done and I don't know what went wrong. The registry is filing its shit, but medicare apparently can't pick up a damn phone and confirm Daniel's birth with that department, and then our version of social security are too busy with their heads up their arses to make their damn phone call, and meanwhile, the registry office can't issue an official birth certificate yet, even though his birth has been confirmed and is stamped and dated and certified and official with them, as the father is being an arse about admitting paternity, which means that a different agency has denied our case, which means that our social security equivilant can't be finalised as I haven't been able to officially name a father, which means that my head hurts. A lot.

Also and on an unrelated streak of Oh For Fuck's Sake, the insurance company that insures my Bowen Therapy practice sent me a letter cancelling my insurance because they are a bunch of fuckwits, so I need to get onto them as well, so I can verbally shove their policy up their damn arse to rectify (bwah! get it?) the situation and get myself insured again.


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