Tuesday, January 31, 2006

fashion victim

The deebster is growing SO FAST folks, that I can hardly keep up. One minute I was cradling this little itty bitty thing, and the next *poof* I'm propping up this linebacker.

Pros of the job: biceps.

Over the weekend, I half arsedly sorted through the itty bitty clothes that Daniel will never wear again. Actually, there was a shitload in there that he never actually wore at all, seeings I was given like, a TONNE of stuff from my friend who's had three babies in the past three years and as she's since been zippered up, she won't be needing the itty bitty clothes ever again, thankyou Jesus, so she gave them all to me. The clothes, not the babies. So I tossed that shitload back in the plastic bag from whence it came, and sobbed as added a few other items that will never fit the little geezer again, not in this lifetime anyway.

Anyhoo, I left a truckload of the weenie clothes in the drawers because did I mention? Half arsed. I'm glad I didn't get rid of the whole damn lot too because yesterday, I totally stuffed Daniel into a onsie that doesn't fit him AT ALL, because it still looks major cute on him, which is probably the logic behind Chinese foot binding, but so what! Mr Deebs is stylin'!

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