Friday, January 20, 2006


The documentation of a child's birth shouldn't be so fucking complex. Surely the hardest part is gestating the darn thing? Kerist.

I got home today and there were several letters waiting for me, all from different government agencies and all denying me my submissions unless I provide further, certified fucking paperwork that deoesn't actually exist.


Let me explain: all of this paperwork needs to be completed in order to officially recognise Daniel's existence, so as requested, it's been dutifully filled out and sent off so that, wahoo! The state recognises that I have a son. Simple - except that instead of processing this shit, they've advised me that they require certifed copies of the paperwork that officially recognises his birth before they'll process their paperwork that officially recognises hsi birth.

Does anyone else see the conundrum here?

Jiminy creebus.

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