Saturday, January 28, 2006




fyi: that smile from a few weeks ago that I went all gooey over? May have been gas. Hmm. Anyway, while his smiles to me are lost in a sea of the gooby faces he makes when he's imitating the gooby faces I make at him, he has started to smile real smiles. At strangers. The little shit. He gummed a beauty at this woman named Janine (her relationship to Daniel being that she sold me a bath seat propper upper thingy so that when I drop the deebster while bathing him, he won't, you know, sputter and choke on the bath water I've just dunked him in. Not that it's happened or anything. It's merely a precautionary measure *ahem*) and I was at my therapist's yesterday when Mr Deebs lit up a big cheesey grin for her. I missed it though. I was too busy expressing or emoting or something. Dammit.



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